Canopy Tour

Zip 8 1000x250

Our Canopy Tour is exactly that…a guided tour through a series of 8 ziplines! With over 4,000 feet of cables and 50 acres of land, this 3-hour tour is an experience you won’t forget!

Start your tour by meeting in our office where you will read over our waiver (yes…a waiver…this is the scariest part of your tour – trust us). Once you’ve signed your waiver and have given us a brief description of your medical history, our Zip Pilots will take you into our outfitting room where we will gear each participant up in top-of-the-line ziplining hardware and review our safety procedures.

Once you’re all ready to go and looking like you’re about to head over to Oktoberfest with your favorite beer stein, we’ll sit you down and give you a brief safety demo. At Big Bear Ziplines we do not ask any of our participants to work with any of their own equipment but we still like to show you what to expect…leave the safety stuff to us! Each tour is guided by two, count ‘em, two professionally trained Zip Pilots who will be there to clip you in, send you off and brake you on the other end as you glide in to a smooth landing and their pearly whites smiling along with you!

After a little Q&A session, we’ll shuttle the group to the 50-acre course! Jump out of the shuttle, get a quick gear check and walk on over to our first line, ‘Little Bear’,  coming in at almost 300 feet long but ONLY 10 feet off the ground! This is our tester line to get you used to the feeling. After watching all of your friends scream their way into their landing (trust us, it’s not that high but instinct says…”DON’T JUMP!”…so screaming is common and at dog-frequency pitches), the group will head up through a hay field for about a 10-minute fact-filled, uphill hike to our second line.

Climb your first fire truck ladder to get up to the takeoff for the second line. From here, the next four lines are all interconnected in the canopy of the forest and the only way down is to zip through it! Don’t forget to check out the very cool Tulip tree at the end of the fourth line. This tree is needle-straight and during the spring you can see tulips blooming in its canopy.

At the end of the fifth line, swoop down our first one-of-a-kind tarzan vine…add in some tarzan yells for the ultimate experience! When ready, we’ll head on over to the sixth line ‘Acorn Alley’ where you’ll experience UPHILL ZIPPING!? Well, at least it looks that way.

This line is the most unique on our course as it literally appears to zip uphill…don’t be fooled though. Our seventh line takes off from what we named the ‘Party Tree’. This tree is an awesome Sycamore – our platform is built around it’s huge branches to allow it’s continued growth. It holds a lot of people so we tend to have a bit of a party and break out the fist pump before we head down line seven and swoop down our second tarzan vine.

Finally, we head on over to the second fire truck ladder and zip down our very last and LONGEST line on the course, ‘Big Bear’. Coming in at 1,400 feet long (over a quarter-mile long!) and heights up to 60 feet, ‘Big Bear’ is the ultimate thrill as you zip at speeds up to 30 mph! Jump back in our shuttle, arrive back our outfitting room where we’ll remove your gear, place your paw on the wall and then head into our office to purchase some official Big Bear Ziplines paraphernalia!


Sound exciting enough for you? Big Bear Ziplines is the perfect part of your day in historic Hyde Park with your friends, family and co-workers!